Several recipes baits for fall fishing carp

Autumn is not the best period for carp fishing. Well, solo is very sluggish he’s acting, especially during the end of the Golden age and with the advent of frost. To fix this bad weather with a bad bite will help recommended to use bait.

So as an appetite in the autumn, the carp are most active in the temperance of overfeeding recommended the use of bait mixtures in the smallest amounts. Of his favorite treats in this period will be protein foods – bloodworms, small or chopped worm, small snails, and maggots. It should take into account weak mobility of carp in cold water, because it is better to use intense flavors.

Among the most effective and commonly used baits of the fall, we cite the following:

Recipe No. 1

It will be enough 20 g bloodworms, add dry milk powder 100 grams, then buy or make ourselves 100 g of breadcrumbs (preferably rye). To this mixture fill up 100 g of cake. Of flavors will be very useful 3-4 drops of squeezed garlic juice. Next, the resulting drug knead and put in a gauze stocking.

Recipe No. 2

Manure worms take about 50 grams, then 100 grams of bread crumbs and the same quantity of milk powder. Razmerchik grinder 50 g sunflower seeds and also comes from the fennel seeds (1G). The final ingredient is 200 grams of clay. The resulting mixture was diligently stirred and placed in a gauze pouch.

Recipe No. 3

Take about 100 grams of small maggots, to him we pour 100 g of milk powder and 100 g of rye breadcrumbs. This set should be 5 grams sugar, plus 50 g ground roasted seeds. For ballast 200 g of clay. Will not be superfluous in this bait 1 g of crushed caraway seeds. As in the previous recipes, all is placed in a gauze stocking.

In the fall, in the night time, almost not moving, so the bait should be applied in the morning or afternoon.

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