The recipe of dough for carp — the basis of successful fishing

I prefer spinning, but if possible, is always ready to sit a couple of hours with a fishing rod for carp. Generally, carp fishing is a classic: overgrown pond, morning, clouds of mosquitoes, glassy surface of the water, and float, which can be for hours without movement, but the biting is only manage to reel in. In fact, fishing for carp attracts me and the fact that the carp often thinks of a lot of mysteries that are not so easy to solve. For example, it often happens that there are two float side by side, one fisherman carp drags, and the second, just watching.

What’s the catch? Yes, a lot of reasons. For example, a properly chosen depth by the setting of the gear, abilities and skill to see the bite, etc. And, of course, for carp it is very important to wisely choose the bait or the nozzle. It is known that many fish, and carp in particular, can absolutely not show up, only until, until you find the desired attachment (the bait). I said, going for carp and bream, I try to stock up on several tips: bread, dough, sometimes corn and peas. Of baits take a worm (a classic), maggots, and in very rare cases, bloodworms, which can be called a universal bait, which is equally well draw attention as a peaceful species of fish, and some predators (e.g., seabass).

About the test for carp I wrote, but every fisherman has their recipes, their secrets, besides, you should always experiment and submit something new. And that’s what I do. From plain white flour, I make the dough, paying attention to the viscosity, so that it is not “dry”, but not “water”. The dough is seasoned with anise drops and vanilla. Then, boiled semolina, boiled to such a state to make a very thick porridge, which is also mixed into the dough. But that’s not all: a year or two ago I bought two discs of cake. So, I break off I need a piece of cake, soaked it in sunflower aromatic oil, and the resulting mixture is added to the dough. Turns out a piece of the nozzle, which emits a very pleasant fragrance, I confess, sometimes, and he slightly had for fishing. If the finished nozzle is too tight to make it softer, you can always use sunflower oil, which I always take on carp.

And yet, what I have said. The finished dough I divide into several pieces, and each of the pieces is sometimes further treated with aromatic drops, gruel of garlic and other means, which smell like carp. Well, each piece placed separately in the bag. As they say, out fishing I always have the opportunity to experiment, and in contrast to neighbors-fishermen, who in the absence of biting just sit, I touch their heads, offering them to the carp, and often, such experiments end in success.

This is a very simple recipe, which is still a lot. There will be time and desire, try, possible and fish Your ponds will like it.

Good luck and all the best.

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