A simple solution to a complex problem: catch spinning in a thicket of grass

Everyone has a favorite pike place in the spring. At this time there to catch a pleasure – a lot of water, the grass little, the pike are hungry, not annoying mosquitoes. But summer is coming and all changes radically. Favorite place overgrown with water lilies and catching it at the beloved turntables and wobblers impossible. What should I do?

One solution is the use of spinners-nezatseplyayki. Usually best suited spoons. Must have them soldered hooks with rubber protection from thorns.

Hanging hooks with such protection often fail – pike pinpoint and often goes bad. Moreover, the fight takes place in a spooky jungle and opportunities to get away from fish shaft.

Actually, the way the hook is set, this is the most important thing in this bait. As practice shows, when fishing in such difficult places, when pike need to get under the nose of the lure, or color, not a game, nor size does not play any role. Our freshwater crocodile caught everything that swims. Just because pike has no time to look at a piece of iron.

Now many manufacturers produce vibrating lures with built-in hook. Not so long ago you could find nezatseplyayki from Dives and Kuusamo. Now all the manufacturers of fishing lures do it. And at a very affordable price.

But buying the cheapest is not worth it. Because Chinese spinners with the protection of the hook is often done anyhow, without understanding specifics of the application of baits. The antennae are either very hard or soft. Therefore at a choice it is better to compare them with the baits of the above firms. Otherwise, pike would not sesekinika or baubles will cling to the first counter Lily when casting.

When fishing this type of lures, not much details. There is only one caveat: you should always throw to clean the place. If you do it in the thickets of water lilies, when hitting the stem or leaf, even the hard protection of the hook will not stand and bend. The result is an instant hook.

And if you throw a clean place, the spinner is relatively easy creeps between plants and fishing will bring fun and pike. The latter will appreciate the fact that you were able to find a way to feed.

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