Bombard as salvation from perches backlava

Come July. For most regions of the country that means a strong heating of the water in reservoirs and a decrease in appetite of predatory fish.

We’ve all seen on large lakes, ponds and bays of rivers in the dining area of the pack, usually a small perch that swim lazily near the surface and collect something from the surface. These feed particles are very small. This size still have the desire to swallow the perch. All that and more, and especially leading aggressive (crankbaits, spinners) only cause animosity and suspicion.

With the mood of the bass can cope only original and unexpected, for both fish and other fishermen. This use of the bombard or sbirulino.

We will use this snap-in

The most important is far to cast very small and lightweight lure. Namely, a small artificial fly. For our purposes, this bait will be perfect. As perches of the pack in the heat do not tend to be near the coast because of the warm, usually stagnant water, to throw away. Bombard will make it possible to precisely shoot to the desired location and slowly and gently, the fisherman will be able to do the wiring.

What is the tackle

First of all you need a powerful rod ultra-fast action, length of at least 2.4-2.6 meters.

The coil is not particularly important. But it was easy and well laid cord, as the tension of the latter will be minimal.

Cord better to take the test about 8 lb, so like a thin string will be less parasite. At a great distance is very important.

In fact, the bombard must be floating. Weight about 20 grams. Ideally, if brightly colored. So this is actually a great float and if it is transparent, at a distance of 40 meters to see it can only Chingachgook.

Fly can be any. Floating, suspender or sinking. Importantly, the hook size was small and the front sight itself was not voluminous. Because a lot of our exhausted heat of the perch won’t eat.

Do snap

To mention how to attach the cord to the spool will not. Let’s move on to the only important point is where to bind the fly and the bombard.
To the cord, tie a leash with a length of about 1.5 meters. No less. It can be from the fishing line and fluorocarbon. Definitely not painted.
At the end of the leash to tie the bombard. The mount on the bombarde is different. Just need to make sure that she’s in the water occupied a standing position. As a regular float. So it will be better.

At a distance of 1.2-1.3 meters tie a fly. Better as close as possible to the leash. Literally 1-2 inches away from it. So there will be fewer tie-ins when casting. Rather, they will not.


Once noticed a flock of perch near the surface, making a cast so as to bombard flew them for about 10 meters. Otherwise, the noise from a blow to the scare striped.

After that begin to pull guns to our perch. Quietly so as everything was smoothly and naturally. As soon as the fly gets into the flock, it will definitely grab the nearest perch. It will be clear by the fact that the bombard started to move or drowned. Now the main thing is not to pull the fish very quickly, so it is not splashing on the surface. It is a sure way to scare away the pack.

If you do it carefully, accurately and without noise, a good catch is guaranteed. This is especially nice when no one in the neighborhood catches. And you have the key.

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