If the carp aren’t biting day…

… it can be caught at night. This is not a very pleasant situation occurs every year in mid-summer. The reason is the heat. Carp are forced to change the order of the day.

If you come to carp fishing in July, and despite all the physical pain from sitting in the heat and waiting for the fish to bite, did not see even a movement of the nozzle. Waited for the evening and going home? A very good reason.

Once it gets dark, the carp transformed. They actively swim around the pond in search of food, do not hesitate to swim up to the water’s edge. Here we will be waiting.

This fishing trip will be short. Biting after dark, similar to the evening dawn – bites occur frequently, but zhor lasts about an hour. Then fizzles.

How to prepare, in order not to lose time

Of course, need a headlamp. It is necessary before dark to prepare the nozzle to not look for it during an active bite. Will not prevent the presence of tweezers and extractors. So how to get in low light with your fingers hook will be problematic.

It is advisable to replace hooks on a couple of size bigger. As they are easier to work with, and the mouth of a carp and not swallow that. This fish does not suffer from subtlety.

It is better to use as a nozzle potatoes, barley or dough. They no longer taste the heat.

There came darkness

If you go fishing with float tackle, bait to throw at a distance of about 3-4 meters from the shore. The depth may be about 50 cm May seem fiction, but the night in the heat of summer the carp are very active in these areas.

Starts biting away from the shore, but gradually moved to the feet of the angler. Peck maybe the meter got to the shore. Bite is very true. Float confidently swims to the side and sinking. The main thing is not to yawn and quickly reel it in. Carp absolutely lose caution and not afraid of the noise. The presence of the net will greatly simplify this fishing.

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