In the Bratsk water reservoir has released 235 thousand fry of the omul

In the White river replenishment. 235 thousand fry left today for free swimming. And it’s not just juveniles, and the omul is the most delicious, and most now unavailable fish of our region. Three years later, if the fishermen are lucky, they will be able to catch her in Bratsk sea, by the time the fry grow up. And while there is a filling of the water bodies of the Irkutsk region with valuable varieties of fish.

Fry in shock. They had never seen so much water at once. In order for a fish to recover after a life in a confined space, sometimes it takes 20 minutes. Fry is, of course, not the whole batch of graduates. The fish was placed in the Cup to show how much they have grown from eggs. “The quality is excellent, the fish all grows well. She is now about 75 days, and at the moment she has an average of 5 grams. There are 8 grams, and 12 grams. Fish grow in the same way as people, someone fat, someone a little”, – says Ivan Mikhailik, engineer of the company “Baikal fish.”

Quickly and accurately the entire batch of fry are sent into the river. One and a half times more than last year, and we have confidence that the fish will survive and replenish the population of Arctic Cisco. Replenishment of brood stock of Arctic Cisco in Bratsk sea is fast. To do this, and operates the regional program of development of fisheries and aquaculture. “Due to the temperature, at the expense of forage fish here grows twice faster, than on the lake. And in 3-4 years he will reach the presentation and may appear in the tables,” said Ivan Labutin, temporarily replace the post of the head of Department of animal husbandry and fisheries of Ministry of agriculture of Irkutsk region. If all goes as planned, then the processing industry will need. In Irkutsk region expect to catch at least 4 thousand tons of fish a year. “There is a need to purchase equipment, and technology. Either it will be subsidizing the direct costs, or payment of the lease payments.

And, in addition, in accordance with the instructions of the Governor we are now developing a programme for the development of food and processing industry support enterprises who will be engaged in fish processing”, – said Vyacheslav Kozin, Deputy Minister of agriculture of the Irkutsk region. But that will have to wait. To grow fry it for a few years. And then the bait of a fisherman and welcome to the table.
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