On Sakhalin island in the river Free first released cultured juveniles of chum salmon

In the nursery of a salmon hatchery and the “Free” OOO “Canif” production of juvenile chum salmon in the waters of the river Free of the Nevelsky district.

According to the regional Agency for fisheries, the production of farmed juvenile salmon carried out under the supervision of the Commission on observance of conditions of cultivation and production of the cultured species in Sakhalin region. In its structure representatives of the Sakhalin-Kuril territorial administration of Russian Federal fisheries Agency, Sakhalin branch of the fgbi “Glavrybvod”, SakhNIRO FEDERAL Agency for fishery in Sakhalin region.

Commission has determined that the suspension produced by Malek complies with FEDERAL state scientific institution “Glavrybvod” standards.

As explained senior fishery LLC “Canif” Dmitry Baginsky river salmon is considered Freestyle. It is 60 kilometers from Nevelsk, and in this pond I used to breed the local population of wild pink salmon and masu. In recent years, this pond came back only a few instances of salmon. Built for Freestyle in the past year the hatchery intends to restore the reproductive quality of the river. Its production capacity is designed for tab of 10 million pieces of caviar and 5 million chum salmon caviar pink salmon. In this case, this river released 3 million 649 thousand chum salmon juveniles. According to the calculations of farmers, under favourable conditions, the grazing period in the life of chum salmon juveniles released into the river his freedom for two years is expected to return about 150 tons of this fish.

The company “Canif” focused on the increase of the trade of the resource Pacific salmon West of Sakhalin at the expense of artificial reproduction of this species. With this purpose, the hatchery operates this company spawning on the river Hunter in the Nevel area.

In the framework of activities aimed at the development of pasture aquaculture on Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands, soon the next release of chum salmon juveniles grown in the hatchery under construction in the river, Paramushir.

According to the materials: sakhalin.info

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