Silicone frog – favorite delicacy of pike

Often in spinning practice, the following situation arises. Fisherman catches years on your favorite body of water pike on again favorite set of lures. She pecks perfectly, never come to change something. This is usually twirling, twisters, vibrohvosta and crankbaits minnow. This set caught 95% of all shchukarej. If not 99%…

But arriving at the next fishing trip, the team discovers that pike do not pay attention on time-tested Goodies. Fisherman floats in a state of shock, seeing as hunts pike, ignoring the fact that was missing a month ago without talking.

In such a situation remains to congratulate all fishermen who love to fish in this place that due to conservatism, they taught the pike to know fake food or bait do not bring already of interest. However, this phenomenon occurs most often in enclosed ponds than in rivers. In rivers this is not usually the case.

What to do?

It is necessary to change the bait. Moreover, given the fact that pike do not take lures or twisters, but do eat fish and all aquatic life, need to find something similar to real food. The bait must behave like a living, without imitations.

If the pond has a lot of vegetation, the ideal option would be to use silicone frogs. Not only different top watery, made in the form of a frog. This is essentially poppers or walkers. We need a simulated amphibious, floating in the water column.

These frogs produce a lot of firms, but most do not have bright own game while straightforward transaction.

For example, the firm Relax is the perfect frog for our purpose to surprise the predator. It’s called Turbo Frog. Sometimes a length of 3 inches and is the perfect size for a small pike of truancy. Her feet in the water for fisherman, toothy entices even the most remote thickets.

The frog can stick on a light jig head or on a hook, with a cargo Cheburashka. The latter option is better, because our Princess will sail more smoothly and naturally.

How to catch

Fishing itself is no different from catching on the rotating spinner. The same wiring is straight, uniform and slow. Off frogs is low, so it’s best not to throw clumps of canadian pondweed or water lilies. This bait can easily spend near the border with grass. She slowly sinks, the resistance from working legs always keep the frog near the surface. The lure is clearly visible and allows you to maneuver around obstacles. Fishing takes place very disappointing. Solid rest for your hands.

Despite its simplicity, an imitation of a frog, described in the article, is a weapon of mass destruction pike. As a rule, obleplivaet “iron” with the score 1:5.

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