Catch on tipovye cranky on a large river

This type of bait cannot be attributed to universal sticks vyruchalochka that can stir up a predator in the heat of summer. Although it would seem, it is very suitable for this – an overactive jitter, compact size for distance casting and appearance that sets the angler on a playful way. The use of the kranks ‘ more specialised and more local. For example, fishing on big rivers with big deep.

This type of spinning lure is the right solution for fishing in the heat at great depth.


Usually, summer is very reduced water clarity due to mass reproduction of single-celled microorganisms. At depths of over 5 meters reign different jig baits. Only they are able to work there and the fisherman can control them. But in poor visibility conditions, fish that hunt using vision, such as perch and pike, often ignore them. Twisters, slugs, vibrohvosta and other animals too weak annoying hunting instincts. But the quality krenk, with great penetration, would be a great sacrifice, as it will notice from a distance, all the inhabitants of the bottom.

Looks like the perfect crank for depth

The price is not important. There is a great crank for 300 rubles, there are over 2000. It is important to know the nuances.

First, the blade should be durable. Otherwise you’ll just break one day when she hit a rock or snag.

Hooks should be of high quality and remain sharp. Due to frequent touching the bottom bad the hooks are blunted so that you will not be able to detect even a perch. Usually they have to change to a new bait immediately. You can rarely find lipowy crank with the standard treble hooks Owner.

The color is not particularly important. If only Wobbler was light. Dark lure on depth for many species such as pike and perch will be less profitable. Its just harder to notice quickly.

The size should be selected based on the size of fish that dominated catches in this pond. But it’s usually long up to 100 mm. If you want to catch perch, will have to take Wobbler smaller two times, but to dive this kid can not so deep as the adult counterpart. In short, it all depends on the fishing place.

There are all sorts of 3D eyes, nostrils and fins blank advertising sound. Very important is a system for long casting. As the shovel of the KranK much parasit, such a system will help to put it on. It is better to buy the wobblers, are equipped with it.

Now the depth. Usually the lures of self-respecting firms, understate the data on the working depth. Why, is unknown. But. For example, the dips firm Bomber dive meter and a half deeper. Keep this in mind.

A nice feature

Big shovel typowego of KranK makes a great bait from the dead snags on the bottom. It just depends on the obstacle and Wobbler rolls through it. So no need to fear snag pits. This bait can dig out the most careful occupant.
But the tackle for this fishing must be purchased separately. Lipowy krenk very uporoty when posting. Easy and labsystem rod to drag it will be difficult. The coil should be at least 2500 livovskoy classification. Otherwise, she will die in 5-6 fishing trips. Will not hold the bearings.
In short, fishing in the deep KranK is not the easiest job, but it will allow you to get to your fish and make it attack.

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