Fishing for walleye: the subtleties of fishing and types of lures

Walleye prefer to reside and hunt in the rivers with crystal clear water and strong current. The success of his fishing often depends on the weather changes in the environment and correctly chosen catchability bait. The catchability of the lures for walleye are considered lures for fishing at great depths, spinners spoons and various baits from silicone.

Read more about the spinners

Among the spinners kalabalak there are two groups, subdivided according to the profile of the narrow and wide.

Narrow spinners suggest to use in the deepest parts of the reservoir, due to the fact that they sink much faster. Effectively play with this spinner will not work, the wiring will be done with periodic pauses during the retrieve of the fishing line coil. The classic “step” will be for these lures is perfect.

Wide-spinners respectively used in the less deep parts of the reservoir, as they have less weight. Playing this type of spinner will be a periodic pause and long jumps, with the result that the bait is effectively moving from side to side during the dive.

Another condition that affects the success of the strikes is the size of the spinner, the more the depth of the reservoir must be larger bait. Also do not forget about the color of the spinner, it also often depends on the number of successful bites.

Zander prefer to respond to shiny spinners with pronounced colors mimic prey, such as bright red or yellow, and if the colors are to overlap, the number of successful transactions will increase significantly.

The determination of the place of fishing

To achieve good results when fishing for pike, it is recommended to use the boat. And most importantly in this case will be how the anglers will position their boat about the place of the intended catch. Suggest to place it at a distance of from 4 to 6 meters from the place of fishing.

The walleye prefers to hunt in deep zakoryazhennyh places where it can accumulate to several tens of individuals. To discover such a place and the concentration of fish will help the fish finder.

Find walleye on large rivers is difficult, as this places the cluster very much. Recommend in such cases be placed in areas near the dams silt closer to the riverbed. In these places it is best to use spot fishing sites, long delays lures in one place. Favorite places of walleye there will be drop offs and the edge, where it can be detected almost always.

The subtleties of fishing

The perfect solution is the constant change of area fishing in search of more effective points. It is believed that the process of catching walleye is best divided in two days. For the period from the first day of fishing anglers try to find as many productive places for transactions, with subsequent marks them on the map. And after comes the second day of fishing start active fishing for pike.

Be sure to try different combinations of bait and lures to achieve optimal results when posting. For each location is recommended to use the wiring and the trolling that is relevant here.

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