Lures for pike perch coloring

Buying in the store a few years ago, my first Wobbler, first drew attention not on what it is, what technical qualities, depth and so on, and was attracted to its bright coloring. The price is not much embarrassed, I wanted to purchase a beautiful bait, and be caught on a lure the fish will itself. But it soon became clear that the lure requires a special approach and it is not always optimal to use under certain conditions. Time has passed since then is not enough, and such a bait as lures in my Arsenal is a special place. The main thrust of the lures for pike perch coloring. This lure attracts a “toothy” appearance. Below is a look at how to choose and buy a Wobbler, win-win is able to provoke the pike to attack.

How does the colour of the lure to bite the predator

One half of the fishermen says that the color of the special values in lures such as wobblers, spoons lures, they don’t have and maybe they are right, so I thought. Other supporters spinning fishing, with great confidence say the opposite — that the color plays an important role in the bait, and especially for crankbaits. They are also right about their beliefs and I fully support their opinion.

Mainly in this article I would like to read a little bit more lures perch coloring. Why my choice stopped on this color? What beauty and brightness of the lure attracts almost every angler when choosing baits, it’s understandable. But how can a similar shade to affect the bite of a predator?

A large number of predatory fish have good vision and in the water you see well, able to distinguish colors, despite a little distortion of color at depth. But, nevertheless, the choice of bait should be kept in mind by the size and games, as well and color. Lures perch colorings are universal. Due to the many colors of colours — fish is able to see all the colors of the stimuli, which effects are at the point of attack, it is possible to trace the holes from the teeth of a predator on the surface of the lure. On one of these coloring green tones with stripes throughout the body of the lure and a thin orange line on the tail was the main point of attack. Moreover, an experiment similar to the Wobbler, but without bright spots and lines were applied on the same pond at the same time, but it takes him almost two was less.

Of course, I’m not trying to say that all of the fish draws attention to the color, some predators have poor eyesight and primarily use other bodies, as for example som, which is when you hunt focuses with whiskers, and yet in the end before the breakthrough, uses vision.

Lures perch colors are primarily used when fishing for pike, perch and Zander. Sometimes a similar color to taste the grayling, but bait should be used small in size 2 — 3 cm On one of the larger lakes, I’ve caught a predator, especially pike, that lures perch colors. Pike had a preference for such baits, as the lake is the main food supply was a small perch. Large bass, just not squeamish and quite often “hit” on the bait.

Model crankbaits perch coloring

Lures perch colorings produce a few leading companies, which are sufficiently known to the Russian fishermen. Model release for any variety of fishing. Company Rapala, Megabass, Yo-Zuri, and Lucky Craft have a small line in similar colors, and baits are produced in various sizes and operate at various depths. Popular among these g Fat g Baby Crank, Minnow, Jerkbait, Super Shad, Rattle Crank and a number of decent cranks.

What to look for when choosing a crankbait, not only perch coloring. The size of the lure — that in its essence is not only in the selection of lures, and any bait. Dip the lure here is to pay attention to just how deep-water Wobbler you need. The blade size affects the immersion of lure and play in the water, so should it also pay attention. Note note: the weakest point, almost any lure is the blade. By purchasing the model in the store, pay attention to this detail. The blade must be correctly installed and not have backlash, otherwise, for minor defects, from the purchase should be abandoned.

One of the points to which I draw attention is the painting of the crank. Detachment and peeling, so do not fit the bait (often happens with cheaper models).

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