Weekend Amur rescuers had to rescue fishermen

The Amur rescuers twice over the weekend helped the fishermen whose boats went down on the Burejskom reservoir. In the first case, the trouble was two men from Blagoveshchensk. The next day, the assistance required of the company of fishermen from Progress.

The first message was received in the search and rescue unit of the Talakan around noon on Saturday, July 21. Two inhabitants of Blagoveshchensk fished on Burejskom reservoir near the river’s Talamanca. The boat broke the motor. Men are unable to start the engine. To find drifting in the Gulf of fishermen, rescuers maintained contact with them via cell phone, which significantly reduce the search time. Rescuers helped the fishermen to beach, and then one of them brought in Talakan.

The second message was received early Sunday morning, July 22. Help needed four people: two men and two women. They came from the village of Progress to go fishing on the reservoir. As in the first case, the boat broke the motor. The fishermen managed to row to the camp. At this time, strong rain started with the wind on the pond, a wave rose. To stay at a campsite, people were unsafe.

Rescuers quickly went to the scene, but to find Parking was not easy, prevented heavy rain and high tide. Rescuers helped the fishermen to collect and load the boat Tabor property. Fishermen and their four-legged pet was taken to the Talakan to a Parking lot car. Medical assistance to the fishermen was not required. The rescue operation took about three hours.
According to the materials: amur.info

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