ASP. Summer harness spinner

For summer fishing the fish, every angler lover stashed some catchability spinners. And their use, the main factor is the speed of the transaction. For asping it should be quick, and to adapt to each of the types of lures you need by experience.

If you compare the speed of movement of the lure in catching large animals and smaller, that for big fish it should be faster. It is also seen that in the active period, the ASP is often enough rapid spinner, but in less active time, prefers a slower transaction.

When ASP is active, the posting of equipment costs to implement closer to the surface of the water, and by reducing the activity (daytime) to sh in the middle of the water. At high speed lead spinner in the middle waters is quite difficult, so apply the step transaction bait. To do this, throwing the tackle in the water to let her sink to the ground, and then, podkatov coil (10 turns) to bring the lure closer to the surface. Then again, give the gear to drop, but below average water and so on.

Bait should be easy and to play actively, attracting the fish, and such a transaction often helps to find fish when surface wiring yields no results.

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