In Cherepovets will grow delicious som

In the Cherepovets district of the Vologda region began to work the fish complex “Aquaculture” that will grow marble catfish.

As planned, the capacity of the new plant will be 100 tons of marble catfish a year.

In addition, “Aquaculture” is going to release fish equipment.

Recall that today the development of agro-industrial and fisheries sector is one of the priority tasks of the regional authorities. This year in Vologda is the first budget laid the money on the development of aquaculture . Funds will be used to subsidize the cost of acquisition of planting stock and equipment and for construction.

For reference: marble, aka African catfish – the fish was delicious and unpretentious. The biology of these soms is that they can live without water for two days, breathing ordinary air. In their homeland, in Africa, these catfish can be up to 1 km to go “on foot” – when water goes from swollen rivers. They jump out of the pits with water and crawling go to look for water.
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