In Crimea, grown a record number of oysters – almost 100 tons

For the first half of 2018 aquaculture sites of the Crimean Peninsula has increased the production of oysters is almost 4.5 times that of the previous year to 96.5 tons (22 tons on the same date in 2017). Cultivated 33.6 tons of mussels by 3.6 tons more than last year.

Doubled volume growth of cyprinids (carp, silver carp, white Cupid) – 95,1 with 45.5 tons a year earlier. Such indicators Karpov managed to achieve despite the difficult weather conditions and lack of Dnieper water in the North-Crimean channel.

The total volume of aquaculture production in Crimea in the first half grew by more than twice – 108,6 to 229 tons. In the Crimea formed 55 sites for aquaculture, of which 24 have been fully allocated to users. Today on the territory of the Crimean Peninsula aquaculture enterprises are 69 vs 66 in the second quarter of 2017. For example, in the city of Sevastopol nine aquaculture farms, which would result in the production of 47.1 tons of delicious Crimean oysters.

The potential of aquaculture development in Russia and the future direction of fisheries on a global scale will be discussed at the forthcoming II International fishery forum and exhibition of fishing industry, seafood and technology. The main industry event of the year will be held in St. Petersburg on 13-15 September 2015.

In the business program of the Forum round table “Aquaculture: projections of cultivation and development until 2050”. Currently, aquaculture accounts for half of all consumed fish and seafood in the world. The panelists will discuss whether aquaculture to provide humanity to 2050, a necessary protein in the stagnation of production of aquatic biological resources, what quantity of aquaculture products really get without losing quality and safety.

In addition, oysters and other seafood will be presented in the tasting area of the exhibition exposition international events.
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