Chekhov has fined the organizers of illegal fishing

In the city district of Chekhov in the Moscow region Prosecutor’s office checked the implementation of the legislation on protection of water biological resources, according to the results of the audit to responsibility in the form of fines attracted by the organizers of the illegal fishing, according to the Prosecutor’s office of Moscow region.

In the chord of check it is established that in the villages of Kapustino and Merleawe city district Czechs individual entrepreneurs organized recreational and sport fishing. However, contracts on granting of fishery sites for the organisation of Amateur and sports fishery entities with the competent authority has not concluded.

“By results of check of Chekhov city in Moscow region Prosecutor’s office initiated against individual entrepreneurs business about the administrative offence provided by part 2 of article 8.37. Administrative code (violation of the rules regulating the fishery). Having considered the administrative materials, the Moscow-Oka territorial administration of Federal Agency on fishery has attracted entrepreneurs to administrative responsibility in the form of fines”, – stated in the message.

Also the prosecution made the merchants of the submissions which considered and satisfied. Violations of the law at present is eliminated.
According to the materials:

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