Since the beginning of the conservation operation, “Pacific salmon” identified more than 2 thousand violations

In the operation of Federal significance “Pacific salmon” in the far East August 1 revealed a 2.3 thousand offences, including 77 – with signs of criminal acts. Fisheries inspectors seized about 1.8 thousand units of gear and about 14 tons of illegally extracted water bioresources.

Information on the interim results of Supervisory activities conducted by the territorial bodies of the Agency in the framework of operation “Pacific salmon”, announced at the operative meeting in the Federal Agency for fishery, which is in the videoconference with the regions held by the Deputy head Peter Savchuk.

Operation of Federal significance “Pacific salmon” is held in the far East since the beginning of the salmon season. To better protect fisheries from poachers in operation conjunction fisheries inspectors of the Agency, employees of the interior Ministry and the FSB of Russia, Regardie and the public. Only operations from the Agency employs about 350 inspectors of fisheries, including those seconded to the participation of the other territorial administrations.

According to the Department of control, supervision and fisheries of the Agency since the beginning of operations on the waters of the Far East, operates 106 stations and 163 RAID group. At the technical Arsenal – 109 boats and the motor boats and about 150 units of vehicles.

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia have conducted about 300 security operations, which is 10% more than last year. Revealed 175 violations.

With the staff of Border service of the FSB of Russia since the beginning of operations held 102 events, which is almost three times higher than last year. The number of violations by 77% higher than in 2017. With other Federal agencies conducted 84 events.

Operation “Pacific salmon” will continue until the end of the fishing season.

During the meeting, Peter Savchuk instructed to strengthen control over compliance with the requirements to limit the length of stationary nets. “The new Rules of fishery for Far East there are restrictions on the length of stationary nets up to 1500 meters. Receives signals about violations, is under control. We need to conduct outreach with users, to prevent such situations,” said Peter Savchuk.

The Deputy administrator also instructed the regional offices to work on strengthening reception capacity in Western Kamchatka, where good catches of salmon and there is a need for additional units of the transport fleet.
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