Braided line for spinning — properties and varieties

Braided line for spinning — properties and varieties

Many experienced anglers nowadays prefer braided line, or cord, as it is called. Despite this, the rest of the anglers still use monofilament fishing line. Both types of fishing line have both advantages and disadvantages, so choose the line for spinning must be very careful, given the conditions of fishing, as well as personal experience.

Catching predatory fish on spinning is a pretty interesting exercise, which can be safely attributed to the active kind of rest. The fact that in search of predatory fish the spinner has to overcome many kilometers, making tens, and even hundreds of transitions, which has the power to influence the hands and feet. In addition, actively working the case. Not everyone is willing to devote some of your free time this kind of fishing. Many people prefer to sit near the pond for days, gaining strength and energy.

The contents

  • 1 Types of braided fishing line
  • 2 Advantages braided fishing line
  • 3 How to choose the right network
  • 4 Samples of the braids are worthy of attention
    • 4.1 Shimano Kairiki PE Mantis
    • 4.2 SUFIX 832 Advanced Superline
    • 4.3 Allvega Super Cast X8

The types of braided fishing line

Braided line is fishing line, which is produced by special technology, with the use of polyethylene fibers. Engaged in such production, only three companies in the world: Japan (Toyobo), in Holland (Dutch State Mines) in the United States (Allied Signa). These companies produce the highest quality wicker in the world. Each company has developed its production technology. How to put fishing line on your spinning reel needs to decide for himself spinning. Every angler has a different vision of the technologies of fishing, and fishing conditions are different everywhere.

There are 2 types of braided fishing line for fishing:

  • The classic braid that is made by special technology, a method of weaving individual polyethylene fibers. In the process of making the cord is used from 3 to 8 of such fibers. All manufacturers have their own technology and are able to fulfill any order. Quality network, regardless of the manufacturer, it turns a perfectly circular cross-section, which positively affects its strength characteristics. “Twisted” of the line is one of the subspecies of braided lines, but they are not the method of weaving and the method of twisting strands under high temperature.
  • Line, which includes multiple strands arranged parallel to each other, are fused under the high temperature. This kind fishing line has high stiffness, but it does not have the same thickness throughout its length, which adversely affects its strength characteristics. Typically, this technology is not expensive, the budget line.
  • Quality braided fishing line for spinning depends on the method of weaving the fishing line. This is indicated by tests conducted with some samples of cords of well-known manufacturers. Therefore, the experienced angler needs to know which network and what technology is made to pick up a spinning line is a qualitative and not a cheap fake. Usually cheap imitations are manufactured to the most simple technology. There is a kind of trend, suggesting that the network is cheaper, the quality is lower. Some manufacturers in the production process of this type of fishing line used is not a quality source materials. This line is better not to buy.

    Advantages braided fishing line

    To make the right choice, you should be familiar with technical product data, learn about the advantages and disadvantages. On the basis of the information available can be chosen for the spinning of suitable line, moreover, that the perch and pike requires different woods, different technical data.

    It is interesting to know! Inexperienced anglers believe that choosing a braid for pike, no need to use a metal leash as pike braided line will not be able to eat. Actually, this is misleading, as the pike bites easy braided line. Therefore, when fishing for pike it is desirable to have a sturdy leash.

    So, it is believed that braided fishing line has a number of advantages over other types of woods. For example:

  • Under the same section of the braid has a higher breaking strength. It is believed that this is the main advantage of this type of scaffold, as her choice begins with a measure of its thickness and strength.
  • Braided fishing line has no “memory” effect. In other words, if it to twist and then spin through a while, then she straighten up and occupy its original position.
  • On the braided line has a special coating that increases its life.
  • She has a very small coefficient of elongation, which allows time to fix the bite and make effective sweeps. This is especially important when fishing at long range.
  • High degree of wear resistance that allows its use for catching of a predator in areas where limestone prevails, regardless of the diameter of the line.
  • At the same time, it is worth noting its shortcomings. For example:

  • This kind fishing line visible in the water for fish.
  • Its value is much higher compared to monofilament line.
  • Naturally, it is necessary to consider both the pros and cons, regardless of the number of these pros and these cons, though many argue that its shortcomings are not so important, the main thing you need to pay attention to her dignity. Unfortunately, it is not. Its visibility to the fish in the water plays a very important role when fishing for predator, as it is able to notice any anomalies occurring in the water column and just refuses to bite. Due to some technical reasons, this line can’t be made transparent, therefore, it is necessary to manipulate colors. Unfortunately, there are some nuances, which many anglers remain committed to monofilament line.

    How to choose the right network

    On the shelves of specialized shops you can see the products of different quality and hence different price categories. Therefore, the process of selection should be approached seriously, with knowledge of the matter. The correct choice of fishing line depends on the outcome of the fishing.

    As shown, the braided fishing line is best suited for the individual ways of catching predatory fish. For example:

  • Fishing with jig baits. Because braided fishing line small stretch factor, the tackle on the basis of this type of fishing line, it turns out to be the most sensitive, which gives the opportunity to control the game bait.
  • Fishing with microgy. This is generally a topic for another discussion, since you need quite a sensitive rig without braided fishing line is almost impossible to imagine. By choosing a very thin line, you can rely on its durability.
  • For catching the twitching. Jerk transactions require a sufficiently strong fishing line and braided fishing line is suitable, like no other, moreover, you can choose not fat, but strong fishing line.
  • Fishing with poppers and wobblers, which do not differ noticeable in weight, requires a thin fishing line to make the cast light lures as far as possible.
  • In terms of winter fishingas open water, and ice for winter fishing. Due to the special impregnation and protective coating, the braided line has a high resistance to frost. When you choose the braids for winter fishing is to ensure that there was an inscription that it is intended for winter fishing, since not all kinds of braids are resistant to freezing temperatures.
  • First and foremost, choosing a braided fishing line, you should decide on a number of factors. For example:

  • Conditions of fishing. Of this factor depends on the choice of the whole gear, including fishing line. If the pond is clean, no underwater surprises, you can focus on light tackle with a thin line. Otherwise, it is better to take the line with a margin of thickness to deal with claws.
  • The necessary strength of the fishing line in the gap. On the package is always specified how much weight can fishing line keep. This may be listed in kilograms (kg) or LiBr (is essential). One LiBr corresponds to 2.2 pounds. To focus on this indicator when the reservoir is found a heavy predator.
  • Depending on the fish sizethat is caught in the reservoir, the selected diameter of the line, given the tensile strength. Moreover, the performance largely depends on the quality of the product and manufacture technology. The more threads are woven into this cord, the better and stronger he is. As a rule, branded designs are of excellent quality.
  • The choice of color of the line. As transparent braided fishing line does not happen, we have to choose the color of the line or the color of algae, or the color of the bottom. Typically a popular line of green and black colors. More bright colors convenient for the spinner, but noticeable for the fish. Therefore, it is better to choose something in between.
  • Choosing the line is obligatory to be interested in the manufacturer. The more well-known firm, the better the product, although it costs several times more expensive. Than buying a low-quality network, it is better to use monofilament line.

    Samples of braided lines, worthy of attention

    Today there are many models that you should pay attention to when choosing fishing line for spinning.

    Shimano Kairiki PE Mantis

    The fishing line consists of 8 separate strands, woven into a single cord by special technology. Is of high quality, regardless of the thickness of the line as its diameter is the same regardless of the length of the line. Available in several color shades.

    SUFIX 832 Advanced Superline

    Products of such class produced by modern technology and on the basis of fiber “Gore-Tex”, which is invented recently. The fishing line consists of 8 such threads, which gives the line an unsurpassed technical data. Such products are able to satisfy the most demanding anglers.

    Allvega Super Cast X8

    Such products are composed of 8 strands and double protective coating that allows the line to be soft and, at the same time resistant to abrasion. Fishing line is available in four main colors.

    Braided fishing line or cord, as it is called, has taken its rightful place among the woods of many anglers. Unfortunately, the high price makes it inaccessible for many categories of anglers, so we have to settle for monofilament line, which is slightly inferior to the braided line on some indicators. Although, again, all purely arbitrary, since monofilament fishing line has its advantages, on the background of the advantages of the braids. Technological progress does not stand still, therefore, branded products, regardless of whether it is braided fishing line or monofilament, is always characterized by unsurpassed quality. To be afraid only cheap imitations, which are on the market of such products quite a lot.

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