Gear of 100 years ago are working: the police showed how the poachers are operating on the rivers

Regional police today announced interim results of operation “Putin 2018” — events for regional catching poachers. To date, more than a dozen tactical teams of law enforcement officers are working around the Yenisei, from Kazachinsky rapids to the village of Karaul in the North of the region.

As told Deputy head of the regional police Alexey Sabantsev in his craft poachers often use inhumane and dangerous methods which cause severe damage to the natural resources. In addition to the usual fishing nets in the course are artisanal guns — samolovama.

Something like a network, samolovama keep the fish trapped with a deadly long hooks. A simple trap invented by a Siberian fisherman in the early twentieth century, and she still is popular as an effective method for the production of even large fish like sturgeon. Of scatter in the mouth of the river, and after a while go back for the catch. An ancient weapon in the Arsenal of poachers coexists with modern electronics — a GPS tracker, with which they mark are scattered along the river samolovama.

Alex Sapienza noted that many poachers forget or deliberately leave their samolovama in the rivers. They can spend months to perform its deadly function, maiming and killing passing fish. They are extremely dangerous to humans, even think he could swim in the fishing: get out of sharp as an awl, hooks is nearly impossible. Fortunately, Deputy chief of police, recently such cases were recorded.

Poachers are brazenly engaged in fishing on a large scale. Even a small group of people can use a dozen samolovama, and the size of these guns can reach thirty feet in length. Not afraid of the fishermen and law enforcement: for example, one group of poachers police had to chase from Turukhansk district until Evenkia, where they are safely detained. Anglers do not have open resistance the guards, however, often try to escape from them.

One time the police even had to resort to firearms, when a gang of poachers in Boguchansky district first tried to escape by water, and then to RAM the patrol boat. Rowdy fishermen ceased resistance only when police shot the motor of their boats.

The fault of the illegal miners are severely affected water resources of the region. Police admit: next year will have to tighten the rules of fishing and to prohibit fishing for several species of fish: Arctic Cisco, nelma, broad whitefish, and several others.

In addition to water inspectors have to closely monitor the airspace and to block the helipad: for example in the village of Bor of air transport was seized almost two kilograms of black caviar and hundred kilograms of illicit trafficking of fish.

Reach out to police and traffickers in the cities of the region, including in Krasnoyarsk. Recently, officers visited one of the hotels of the city, where detained the distributor of caviar. He regularly raids and urban markets, where the inspectors looking for prohibited distribution of water resources.

Since the beginning, law enforcement officers seized about five hundred different boats. The poachers managed to take 12 tons of fish. The illegal miners opened more than 3,5 thousand administrative materials and brought fifty cases of poaching and the catch of valuable resources.
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