Kaliningrad told about the precautions on fishing

Emergency workers prepared for anglers the reminder of the precautions on the water. This was reported in the press service of the regional Department.

Rescuers urge to pay attention to the clothes and shoes, because things should be easy, convenient and at the same time protect from cold winds and sunlight. If you plan to overnight, it is important to have a warm jacket in case of rain – slicker. In hot weather it is best to dress in natural fabrics. You should not take alcohol: its use can lead to loss of coordination, sense of caution.

If by fishing you will use a motor or rowing boat, you must check its condition before departure and the availability of rescue equipment, proper oars and rowlocks.

In a press-service have told us that most accidents happen at the moment of the morning fishermen fish on navigable rivers. Especially dangerous is during heavy fog because the tail feathers are not always requested to see the boat. Therefore, there is a possibility that sudden high-speed ship will cut the craft in two. In order to avoid accidents it is necessary to equip the boat with a light signal, and also to explore distinctive lights and sound signals of vessels.

Rescuers pay attention to the fact that walking on a boat can also end tragically. We are talking about the change of places by the fishermen to provide alternate work the oars. In the boat people should go at the same time in bent position no roll of the boat. However, if some of the fishermen were in the water, need to throw him a lifeline, a rope or give him a paddle.
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