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The largest catfish caught 0

The largest catfish caught

The largest inhabitant of freshwater is catfish. This predator can grow to several meters in length and weigh about 300 lbs. Repeatedly on the Internet there are articles about the capture giant river monsters,...


In the Yenisei caught a shark

Siberians who wanted to fish with nets on the Yenisei in the North of the Krasnoyarsk region, they drew to shore, the shark. This became known to Float from the journalists of the portal...

Abnormally large catfish caught in Sochi 0

Abnormally large catfish caught in Sochi

Krasnodar, September 22. Almost two years in the Krasnodar region was not as resonant fishing. In one of the ponds in Sochi incredible luck caught up with one local resident. The man was fishing...