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Poaching fleet was caught in the reserve

In the Novosibirsk region, Chany lake within the boundaries of protected areas, five poachers caught by trawl 2.1 tons of fish. For fishing they used two boats and a barge with no markings. During...


Poachers caught thanks to “Classmates”

The border guards TRANS-Baikal region has calculated two lovers forbidden fishing in the village of Priargunsk. After law enforcement officers removed the illegally installed network, their owners protested the incident in a social network....


Rostovchanin caught a 14-pound carp

Rostovchanin Alexander Pisarenko, along with a friend caught a 14 pound carp. Good catch of fishermen caught at a rate in the village Novopskovska. Going fishing with a friend, Alexander even could not imagine...