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Fishermen invited to join the SRO 0

Fishermen invited to join the SRO

The idea of creating an industry self-regulatory organizations announced at the international fishery Congress the head of the Association of the fishing enterprises of Sakhalin region Maxim Kozlov.

Omsk frontier guards detained fishermen-poachers 0

Omsk frontier guards detained fishermen-poachers

On the Irtysh river near the village of Big Atmas, the border guards detained two fishermen-poachers. Violators caught a rare and valuable species of fish — 61 instance sterlets and sturgeon. Poachers fished on...

Sakhalin fishermen urged to unite 0

Sakhalin fishermen urged to unite

The Agency on fishery of the Sakhalin region will hold a meeting with the recreational fishers of the region. To discuss the creation of a permanent working group, the initiative of “three tails”, a...


River fish caught by fishermen, are truly Golden

Four residents of the Krasnoyarsk district prosecuted for illegal fishing. The men were detained by officers of the Border Department of the FSB of Russia on Republic Kalmykia and the Astrakhan region at the...


Russian fishermen have increased the catch by 4%

According to the Federal Agency for fishery of the Russian Federation, August 22, the Russian fishermen produced 3,39 million tons, 4% more than last year. In the far Eastern fishery basin caught 2.36 million...


In Ugra for illegal fishing trial two fishermen

In Kondinsky district employees OMVD of Russia detained two men for illegal fishing on the river Konda. The first fell near the New village Pushta, the second caught the “banned” sturgeon near the village...