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Tackle for catching bleak 0

Tackle for catching bleak

Catch bleak on the float rod This is the favorite fish novice anglers and we can say that occupies the undisputed first place, sharing it only with a kind of minnow in the category...

Winter float tackle for catching redfin 0

Winter float tackle for catching redfin

In winter fish the Rudd is using float tackle or lures. With the onset of frost days would be more effective fishing float. Will tell you more about it. In cold weather, the fish...

Tackle for pike in the winter 0

Tackle for pike in the winter

If You want to get the coveted trophy, You need reliable gear, normal fishing rod for ice fishing pike will easily break. Consider what features should have the

Fishing silicone float tackle 0

Fishing silicone float tackle

More and more anglers are switching to catch snastochki. And not even because it gives the best results when fishing for hardened predators, and because many become sorry small fry, which is so pitifully...

Large perch. Fishing tackle 0

Large perch. Fishing tackle

For bottom fishing usually catch the bottom of a large fish, and in murky water Donka has established itself as a successful tackle. So the angling for bass it is one of the surest...

Zhivtsovy tackle for perch 0

Zhivtsovy tackle for perch

One of the ways of catching bass is fly fishing on live bait. It is often this kind of fishing has brought success to the fishermen, and trophies across considerable size. For use as...

Fishing for carp in the autumn on a match tackle 0

Fishing for carp in the autumn on a match tackle

Carp fish is very common throughout Russia and other States. Most anglers began his acquaintance with fishing with fishing for carp. For many, this object fishing remains a favorite for life. Feeding habits of...